The deadline for submissions to the Annual Award for Museums 2013 has now passed

Annual Award 2013

The deadline for submissions to the Annual Award for Museums 2013 has now passed.

The Application Process
Outline Proposals to be submitted by Friday 21 June 2013. The selectors will meet in July 2013 to shortlist. Shortlisted museums will be asked to submit a more detailed proposal. £1,000 will be available to all shortlisted museums to work up a Detailed Proposal, particularly to cover the artist’s time and contribution.

Detailed Proposals to be submitted by Friday 25 October 2013. Selectors to meet in November 2013 to make the Award. Reception for the Award presentation in mid November 2013.

Outline proposals to be submitted by post or email. Detailed Proposals should be submitted by post to the Contemporary Art Society, 59 Central Street, London, EC1V 3AF. robert@contemporaryartsociety.org
It is the responsibility of the applicant to check proposals have been received.

All decisions will be taken exclusively by the Selectors. This has been agreed so that staff of the Contemporary Art Society’s National Programmes will be able to assist all applicants in both first and second stage proposals without being able to influence decisions. The winning museum will be offered as much support as is required throughout the commissioing process.

Step 01: Outline Proposal
We require an outline proposal of no longer than two sides of A4, including the name of the artist you would like to commission with some information on their practice and why you have selected this artist in relation to your collection.

Please confirm that you have agreed, in principal, with the artist that they would like to work with you and that they are fully award of the proposal. Please include the artist’s cv and up to 10 images of their previous work.

The commissioning process is necessarily unpredictable and there is no expectation at this outline stage, that you will have information regarding the artist’s ideas for the new work. By reflecting on past works made by the artist, give a clear description of why you feel that the interests and concerns that run through their practice makes a good fit with your existing collection or your acquisition policy. If it is a point of departure, a description of why the commission will be influential within your collection would be useful.

Step 02: Detailed Proposal
The Detailed Proposal should offer much more information on the project and will include production information, budgets and some considered information from the artist.

The full details of what will be required will be agreed by the Selectors when the Shortlisted museums are confirmed.

Step 03: Winning Proposal
This will be announced in November 2013

It is preferred that the winning musuem will be able to commit to completing and exhibiting the work within 12 months.


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