How to Collect: Final Tips

4 April 2012
How to Collect: Final Pointers

Anything else?

Just a few more pointers…

  • Look at a lot of work before you buy.
  • Look at a work before reading material about the work – focus on your response and articulate it to yourself to develop and train your eye.
  • Read the art press and develop your knowledge of art history.
  • Be wary of works you love immediately – they may not sustain your interest.
  • Join the mailing lists of galleries whose artists you like and attend private views and get to know the gallerist if you can.
  • If you want to attend international art fairs, book plane tickets and hotels early
  • A VIP pass for an art fair is vital as most of the best work for sale is sold within the preview slots.
  • Get the art fair catalogue (usually available a few weeks before the event) and plan ahead – it is usually possible to download the floor plan of the fair in advance, to help with navigation.
  • If you are interested in a particular artist, contact the gallery that represents them and find out what they will have available for sale at the art fair – you may even be able to reserve works if you are able to access the fair very early with a VIP pass.
  • Pre-sale estimates for auction sales are not necessarily predicative of the final price – if you can, check with the primary market dealer for that artist on the current value of the work.


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