CAS Talks supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation: Paul Scott at Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery, 13 November 2014

22 January 2015

CAS Talks supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation is a year-long programme of talks by contemporary artists that take place in the Contemporary Art Society’s Member Museums across the UK. The talks happen as a work by the artist enters the museum collection and are designed to introduce artists to new audiences.

Dr Paul Scott  gave a talk at Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery on 13 November titled:
Alkalon, Fishponds and Mooncurves… Ladies of Llangothlen, Cow Creamers and Blue Boys… Mr Slater, Mr Copland and Oblique Poles… Cookworthy, Body Sherds and Midlands Purple… 

Paul Scott has recently completed a commission – funded by the Contemporary Art Society – for a consortium of four museums. His interest has been in excavating a variety of graphic material from the collections in BristolCardiffLiverpoolPlymouth and re-animating it in a unique artwork which works as a whole, but also splits into four individual pieces for each museum. The narrative collage directly references the ceramic and print collections in each museum, highlighting their commonalities and individual characters. Housed in altered obsolete wooden print trays the work is made up of sliced antique tablewares, tiles, pipes, pots, decals and digital prints. The artwork reanimates historical material to narrate, commemorate and celebrate,

Paul will tell the story of his travels within the archives, unexpected discoveries, obscure connections – and narrate something of the artistic journey undertaken to realise this complex and intriguing commission.

Paul Scott is a Cumbrian based artist with a diverse practice and an international reputation. He is well known for his research into printed vitreous surfaces, as well as his characteristic blue and white artworks in glazed ceramic. These can be found in public collections around the globe – including the Victoria and Albert Museum London, The National Museum Stockholm Sweden, The National Decorative Arts Museum Norway and The Museum of Art and Design New York.

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