Q&A with Sinta Tantra

24 January 2023 By
Sinta Tantra
Sinta Tantra

In 2020, CAS Consultancy was appointed to deliver a set of wall-based works to invigorate the informal dining spaces at 22 Bishopsgate.

Working with interior designers and the teams from AXA, Consultancy commissioned Sinta Tantra to develop Illuminated, a series of seven hand-painted and gold-leafed site-specific murals for the central social space, which was installed in the summer of 2021.

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You worked with CAS *Consultancy at 22 Bishopsgate, completing a stunning series of murals for the building in 2021.

What was the experience of working with us like?

Since graduating from art school, it was always an ambition of mine to work with CAS. So when the opportunity arose in 2021, I was delighted. The wealth of expertise the team brought to my project was wonderful to witness and learn from.


Is there a difference between your public-facing works and those made for the gallery?

A huge difference – like using two sides of my brain! Public Art requires logical thinking, problem-solving, and being a good people-person. The painting side of my practice involves a more meditative approach and time alone to tap into a more intuitive way of thinking.


Do artists benefit from working with CAS *Consultancy, or is it better to go solo with a commissioner?

In the same way you may need gallery representation, an art consultancy offers similar support for the artist for a public art project. Although some may prefer to cut the middleman out, having this additional support could prove very beneficial, particularly when resolving conflict.


We hear you were involved in the inaugural art SG in Singapore last week – can you tell us about it?

Being Indonesian, the launch of Art SG was significantly important to the region – especially as it was delayed by three years due to COVID. I presented a solo booth as part of the Focus section with my London gallery, Kristin Hjellegjerde. Singapore is a great city – so many galleries and museums. It felt very special to hug old friends, meet new ones and eat the most amazing food. Also, I’m incredibly proud to say that our booth was listed by Artsy as one of the top six in the fair!


As we approach the Year of the Rabbit, what are your plans for the upcoming year? 

Apparently, the year of the rabbit will bring us peace, harmony and tranquillity! Although I like the idea of balancing our lives out, I’m also looking forward to an active and energetic year of being able to work and travel more freely.


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