Hobson’s Choice: Clare Woods, The Bad Neighbour, at Modern Art

15 October 2012 By
Clare Woods The Bad Neighbour 02110
Clare Woods The Bad Neighbour 02110

6 – 28 September 2012

23/25 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8DF


Open from Tuesday – Saturday 10.00am – 6.00pm or by appointment.

I hope you have had a fantastic summer break and now that we are already, alarmingly in the middle of September, Hobson’s Choice is back!  (I know you’ve missed me…)

For those of you just recently returned to London, there is just time to catch Clare Woods’ show The Bad Neighbour at Stuart Shave’s space on Eastcastle Street.  Woods is a painter whom I much admire and I know many of you do too.  Over the past decade or so she has focused purely on landscape painting, drawing on the conventions and traditions of the genre and its history, and creating paintings which tread a skilful line between forms of conventional natural representation and abstraction, amplifying the experience or idea of landscape.  Woods works from photographs to extract a framework of lines and shapes as the basis of a composition, then working in oil on aluminium to heighten the effects of the media to painterly effect.  Surfaces built up in fluid layers in contrast to stencilled edges and firm flat features, all of which are suspended with their associations of landscapes, reflections in ponds, leaves, the outline of branches and the ridge of a hill, alluded to but kept carefully at bay.  This is Wood’s fourth solo show at Modern Art and her work just gets better and better!

Image: Clare Woods, The Bad Neighbour (installation view), Modern Art, 6 – 28 September, 2012