CAS Consultancy is working with Bedwyr Williams on new commissions for Wales and the Republic of Ireland

24 February 2022 By
Bedwyr Williams
Bedwyr Williams

CAS Consultancy is delighted to share its latest collaboration with artist Bedwyr Williams. Bedwyr will be appearing at the St David’s Cathedral Festival on 28 May to introduce his new work, Do The Little Things, which will focus firmly on the story of Saints David and Aiden and their common practice of beekeeping.

Of his project, Bedwyr says, “I’m interested in objects that invite communities to become active participants to make the artwork whole. I want people to become fully engaged in the artwork, doing the little things to bring the artwork to life, forgetting themselves and their daily concerns for a few hours. St David’s last words were ‘Gwnewch y pethau bychain’ or ‘Do the little things.’ This ethos has guided the development of my proposal, which is founded on the story of St David and St Aiden and steeped in the magic and history of these two intertwined locations.”

Working in consultation with CAS Consultancy, Bedwyr is inviting people in Ferns, Ireland and St David’s, Wales to submit proposals for community activation events. The artist is hoping for an enthusiastic response and is open to possibilities as wide reaching as open mic nights and mid-summer seances. The project forms the first phase of Ancient Connections’ artworks programme.