Commission Update — Kings College London

29 January 2010 By

Caroline McCarthy’s Light for Cicely invites people who have been connected with Cicely Saunder’s life and work to take a photograph of an illuminated lamp in their own home. The collected images will be displayed in various constellations throughout the building and on a website where people can also submit their own memories and stories. The work expresses the idea of bringing light into the building as well as transmitting it outward, which was identified as a key concept for the brief.

Collectively, the lamps make visible a network of different people coming together under the same roof, their gift of light installed as if illuminating the very building that represents Cicely Saunders’ life and achievements.

Tania Kovats will suspend a number of cast birch trees vertically in the atrium void, accompanied by the soundtrack of a blackbird’s daily call. The trees are both architectural and a part of nature, drawing concepts of the natural world into the building. Birch symbolically points to the reality of being at the point of life where the small details of living come into sharp focus, where the call of a bird or the surface of tree bark is something small enough to be noticed or cherished.

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