Consultancy appointed to develop cultural plan in the City of London’s Culture Mile

25 October 2021 By
London Wall: the west gate of Cripplegate fort and a section of Roman wall
London Wall: the west gate of Cripplegate fort and a section of Roman wall

With London Wall West’s distinct identity as a place of creative intersection, its extensive public realm redevelopment presents the opportunity to harness the significant role culture and creative activation play in defining a welcoming social realm. The development of London Wall West will offer increased and permeable public spaces that celebrate and open up the Square Mile to people living, working, and visiting the area. Our vision for culture is responsive to both current communities and the site’s multiple histories and offers invitation to wider audiences.

The area is at the centre of a patchwork of unique Roman and Medieval heritage, with many Grade-I and Grade-II listed assets including churches, guild halls, parks and the Barbican itself. These historical landmarks can be celebrated as we look forward to new and shared futures.

New public spaces will be adaptable to different audiences and uses, day and night and week to weekend. People of all ages and backgrounds will be encouraged to play and participate in the public realm.

London Wall West will celebrate everyday creativity in flexible public realm designed to host culture in its widest sense and encourage understanding of the local cultural institutions by bringing the inside out. Performance spaces and programmable infrastructures will provide opportunities for spontaneity and play as well as programmed cultural activity.