The CAS launches a new crowdfunding campaign to help save the UK art scene

15 March 2021 By
CHOOSE ART men and woman
CHOOSE ART men and woman2

The CAS launched a new crowdfunding campaign on 15 March to provide major support to museums and galleries as they prepare to welcome their communities after lockdown.

The CHOOSE ART campaign comes in a year when the arts face unprecedented challenges, and our investment is therefore more vital than ever. The money will directly support museums across the country by donating artworks that will help them build stronger communities and include audiences that do not habitually engage with art.

The CAS has partnered with the famous designer and activist Katharine Hamnett, whose iconic Choose Life campaign in the 80s was itself one of the emblems of that period, and has been the template for so many causes since.

Katharine Hamnett London has designed an exclusive range of her iconic T-shirts to say thank you for donations of more than £60.

Click here to find out more and donate.