#CASatHome: I’m Lost Without Your Rhythm (2009) by Johanna Billing

17 June 2020 By
Johanna Billing, I’m Lost Without Your Rhythm, 2009 (still). Courtesy of the artist and Hollybush Gardens
Johanna Billing, I’m Lost Without Your Rhythm, 2009 (still). Courtesy of the artist and Hollybush Gardens

This film was online from 12.00, 17 June 2020 to 12.00, 20 June 2020

As part of the #CASatHome film series we are pleased to present I’m Lost Without Your Rhythm (2009) by Johanna Billing. Donated to Norwich Castle Museum by the CAS in 2009, it has been made available here for 72 hours through the generosity of the artist and Hollybush Gardens.

Johanna Billing is a conceptual artist creating video works that explore movement, rhythm and music as a means of communication, memory and expression. Often, she merges live performances and workshops with filmmaking in which she both directs participants and actives a series of improvisation. The works explore performance and its ability to address issues of the public, private and role of the individual in society. Billing’s documentary style weaves real and fictional events illuminating the overlap through her filmmaking.

I’m Lost Without Your Rhythm is based on the recording of a live choreography event involving amateur Romanian dancers and acting students in Iași, Romania. Led by renowned Swedish choreographer Anna Vnuk, there is no final performance as such. The resulting video links several days’ activity into a continuous process of live improvisation between choreographer, dancers and local musicians that was watched by an audience who were free to come and go as they pleased. In her videos, Billing reflects on routine, rehearsal and ritual. Along with the participating individuals and audience, she explores what contemporary dance can be, or means today, in relation to a small city like Iași where there are few opportunities in contemporary dance. In this work we see a subtle emphasis placed on both the fragility of individual performance and the power of collective experience.

Johanna Billing (b. Jönköping, 1973) lives and works in Stockholm. Recent solo shows include Hollybush Gardens, London (2020); Stadsbiblioteket, Jönköping (2019); Kavi Gupta Gallery, Chicago (2016). Recent group exhibitions Site Gallery, Sheffield (2019); Lancaster Arts at Lancaster University (2018); Julia Stoschek Collection, Düsseldorf (2017).



A film by Johanna Billing
Choreography by: Anna Vnuk, Cinematography by: Manne Lindwall, Alexandru Grigoras, Johanna Billing, Sound by: Paul Gradinariu
Still photographer: Lavinia German, Project coordinator: Alexandru Bounegru, Assistants at Casa Stuenţilor: Adrian Poroh and Elvys Sandu Prisecaru. Featuring: Bodnǎrescu Cristina,
Denisa Pirţac, Florin Caracala, Sandra Prigoreanu, Laurenţiu Vasilache, Corneliu Laur
Bianca Buhǎ, Adrian Iacov, Oana Teodorescu, Monica Gavriluţǎ, Giana Mathaboya
Lucian Sîrbu.
Live Musicians: Drums and percussion: Theodor Popescu, Piano: Paul Pintile
Marimba and percussion: Cristina Lupu. Additional soundtrack recording: “My heart” (originally written by Mariam Wallentin and performed by Wildbirds & Peacedrums 2008) performed by Per Lager (drums, vocals) Andreas Söderström (marimba, steeldrums, vocals), Pia Påltoft (vocals) Pernilla Axerup (vocals) Johanna Billing (vocals) Karl-Jonas Winqvist (vocals) produced by Johanna Billing, recorded and mixed by Tuomas Hakava, Up and Running studio, Stockholm. Mastered by Joachim Ekermann.

Produced in collaboration with Camden Arts Centre, London; Arnolfini, Bristol and Modern Art Oxford as part of the 3 Series: 3 artists, 3 spaces, 3 years, and in the frame of Periferic 8 – Art as Gift Biennial for Contemporary Art Iasi, Romania, organized by Vector Association with support from IASPIS, Sweden.

Thanks to the video department at University of Art “George Enescu” for providing equipment, Theodor Popescu and the the National Opera in Iasi, Anticariatul Grumǎzescu, Adrian Căliman at Casa Stuenţilor, Alexandru and Mircea Ignat at Qusar Dance, Alexandru Bounegru, Matei Bejenaru, Dora Hegyi, Henry Moore Selder, Julian and Karl-Jonas Winqvist