Our 2021 programme for curators

28 October 2020 By
Keith Piper, 'Surveillance: Tagging the Other', 1991
Keith Piper, 'Surveillance: Tagging the Other', 1991

In 2021 our professional development programme will focus on anti-racism and the decolonisation agenda in museums. Titled Doing the Work, it is a completely new programme that will address the challenges faced by our Member Museums when engaging with these imperatives. We are proud to be partnering with the Decolonising Arts Institute at University of the Arts London in a series of online workshops designed around active participation and intended to generate meaningful discussions and shareable resources.

There will be eight two-hour events throughout the year.  Each will involve case studies presented by colleagues from a Member Museum, as well as inviting UK and international speakers, with a track record of implementing an anti-racist or decolonial practice in their work. We hope to create a platform for participants to share the particular issues or challenges they are currently facing and discuss new tools, methods or initiatives to test in the workplace.  Each session will be synthesised into a written paper, and these will be made available via our website as a permanent resource.

Dates and information about the first events will be shared in mid- November, along with details about how to sign up.