Thomas Hutton

2 September 2015 By

Thomas Hutton (b. 1983, London) is definitely one to watch. His exhibition Stone Anchor at Hunter/Whitfield in Marylebone is a brilliant opportunity to understand the potential of this artist, who first trained as an architectural historian and later acquired a MFA in Sculpture from Yale University.

The project for his first solo show is ambitious: Hutton has reconfigured and mediated an architectural intervention within an old Georgian townhouse and a Grade III listed space. The original 18th Century panels and chimneypiece have been re-touched with a rendered surface in an arrangement that complicates the perception of the space. Hutton is a skilful draftsman and this exhibition showcases his meticulous works on paper which are set up as a multifaceted viewing experience, pushing the limits of what we actually perceive and what we might think to perceive. Hutton is blurring the boundaries between media, working at the intersection of architecture, sculpture and painting on the one hand and drawing, photography and computer-generated images on the other to explore in-depth the tectonics and materiality of a space. It is these unique qualities that capture the contemporary while recalling the historical, leaving the viewer with the want to track the mediated and meditative space of his future realisations.

Thomas Hutton lives and works in Rome. He has a MFA (Sculpture) from Yale University (2012) and a MA in Architectural History from The University of Edinburgh (2006). Recent exhibitions include Conversation Piece, Fondazione Memmo, Rome (2015); Under the Façade – Can you see it?, Joni Levy, Zurich (2014); There Is No Place Like Home, Rome (2014) and Screen Space, Slate Projects, London (2014).

Stone Anchor is on view at Hunter/Whitfield, London from 3 September – 3 October 2015.

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