Christina Mackie

27 January 2012 By

We are delighted to announce an exciting new benefit for Contemporary Art Society members. Every month we will feature an Artist to Watch: this regular showcase will briefly explore the practice of an emerging artist whose work we would like to draw to your attention.  To begin our new series it is a pleasure to present the work of Christina Mackie and we strongly encourage you to find out more!

Mackie’s practice consists of a considered exploration of relativity and the contingency of meaning using a materials based language. While her artistic investigation at-large emphasises subtle and incidental connections in an attempt to give physical manifestation to the nature of thought.  Given the subjective manner in which emotive and intellectual responses are formed, Mackie’s recent table works function in a comparable way to a musical score: physical and material notes give rise to an atmosphere, a mood or an ‘emotional landscape’.  Disrupting the notion of the discrete art work or object, Mackie’s practice proposes a creative process which emphasises an understanding of artistic meaning created by synthesising a string of ideas, associations, sentiments and sensations in a non-hierarchical and open-ended fashion.

Christina Mackie, in partnership with Nottingham Castle Gallery and Museum, is the 2011 winner of the Contemporary Art Society’s Annual Award commission to collect. Her current solo presentation, Painting the Weights, continues at the Chisenhale Gallery until the 12 March 2012.   Previous exhibitions have included The large huts at Tate Britain (2007) and the British Art Show 6 (2005 – 06). In 2010 she received the Paul Hamlyn Award for Artists and was the winner of Beck’s Futures in 2005.

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All images: Christina Mackie, Painting the Weights, 2012

Installation view, Chisenhale Gallery, London

Commissioned by Chisenhale Gallery

Courtesy Herald St, London and Catriona Jeffries, Vancouver