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29 May 2012 By
The School of Global Art: Down Under!
The School of Global Art: Down Under!, West Space, Melbourne, Australia, 2012, © the artists

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Instituted by Artists focuses on the methods and projects that artists employ to disrupt – and mimic – traditional institutional structures. Many artist projects and collaborations not only question the ability of established organisations to provide the systems they require; they seek to prototype alternatives to take power back from the perceived gatekeepers of the art world. We will explore the suitability of contemporary institutions to contemporary practice, and imagine some of the new systems that could emerge.

Speakers Barbara Steveni, Alastair Gentry, LuckyPDF and Elinor Morgan explore the suitability of contemporary institutions to contemporary practice, and imagine some of the new systems that could emerge.

This debate is part of The New Economy of Art – a series of open discussions that focus on the economic developments and opportunities in the cultural sector that impact on artists, from the perspective of artists. It will share knowledge and provoke action to enable artists to influence the future ecologies and economies in which they operate.

The New Economy of Art is a collaboration between Artquest, the Contemporary Art Society and DACS.

Barbara Steveni
Artist Barbara Steveni conceived and co-founded the Artist Placement Group in 1966. The concept ‘Artist Placement’ aimed to expand the reach of art and artists into commercial/industrial concerns, government agencies and organisations of all kinds, at all levels and on a basis equivalent to any other engaged specialist.

Alastair Gentry
Alistair Gentry is an artist and writer whose work includes video, animation, installation, photography, text and performance. Much of this work involves oratory and storytelling and he regularly collaborates with artists, writers, designers, actors, architects and scientists both nationally and internationally. His Market Project created professional and economic research by artists from the East of England.

James Early and John Hill are one half of LuckyPDF with Ollie Hogan and Yuri Pattison. Working collaboratively with an expanding network of cultural producers and sometimes reality TV celebrities, LuckyPDF aim to re-negotiate the conditions for the production of art and the spaces that art can exist in.

Elinor Morgan
Elinor Morgan is Artists and Programmes Curator at Wysing Arts Centre – a visual arts research and development centre in Cambridgeshire. Before this, she was Chair of OUTPOST Gallery an artist-run space in Norwich and has been involved in Turning Point East since its inception.

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You will be able to follow the debate live on Twitter at #artistsworth.

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