Alison Myners steps down as Chair of the Contemporary Art Society

17 May 2010 By
Alison Myners
Alison Myners

The process for the selection of our new Chair is well under way and an announcement will be made shortly.  Our Deputy Chair, Mark Stephens and the excellent Board of the Contemporary Art Society will continue to oversee the important work of the charity until the announcement of the new Chair.

Alison Myners says “Over the last four years, the Contemporary Art Society and its Board have raised the profile of the charity, given new life to a once declining membership, introduced a new and vibrant patrons group, and held two energetic and successful fundraising events.  We have enhanced effectiveness with our museum membership, giving new life to existing collections around the country.  We have modernised our governance and memorandum and articles, the functioning of the Board and importantly taken steps to address the need to introduce stronger recurrent revenues, with the aim of establishing a more sound base for the Contemporary Art Society.

I am delighted that Paul Hobson, our Director, continues to progress the vital work of the charity with the Board.  I very much hope to see our patrons and supporters at future events in our extensive programme of exciting activities and extend my heartfelt thanks to all for your continued support of the Contemporary Art Society.”

Paul Hobson, Director of the Contemporary Art Society, says “Alison has been a truly exceptional and inspirational Chair of the organisation for the past four years.  Her enormous commitment, advocacy, unrelenting generosity and stewardship of our work have led a transformation of the organisation, working with the Board and the team. Alison has provided constant support and guidance during this important period as the organisation marks its Centenary, and we are indebted to her on very many levels. 

It has been the greatest pleasure working with her and we are delighted that Alison will remain close to the Contemporary Art Society as a supporter and advocate of our work.”