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Artist Members Summer Party held at Matts Gallery, London 2012, photo: Joe Plommer
Artist Members Summer Party held at Matts Gallery, London 2012, photo: Joe Plommer

Launched in 2009, Artist Membership of the Contemporary Art Society is by invitation to those artists with whom we have worked in our various programmes.

The Artist Membership is designed to bring artists closer to the mission of the Contemporary Art Society.

For 100 years the Contemporary Art Society has been acquiring works from artists and distributing them to museums and public galleries where they are enjoyed by a large and diverse audience. We also work in diverse ways with artists and their galleries through our programmes for our members and supporters, curators and arts professional, and our arts consultancy services.

The aim of the membership is to:

  • Provide greater visibility for artists and their work, particularly those who do not already have gallery representation.
  • Bring artists closer to the opportunities and challenges that public collections can offer.
  • Bring audiences, including collectors, closer to the work of artists.
  • Artist Members can attend select Contemporary Art Society events and have an online profile.

Annual Artist Membership costs £25 to cover website administration.

If you are an artist who has recently been involved with the Contemporary Art Society contact Membership at


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