Test Flights Private View

2 December 2009 By

Each form makes visible the forces of gravity and the power of free fall – for it is as if they have been dropped from each tower. The deformation of the sculptures charts the different heights of the buildings, varying from moderate compression of the
original sphere to nearly complete flattening.

David Rickard originally studied architecture in Auckland, New Zealand and later fine art in Milan and London. The processes he employs are informed by a playful but considered subversion of the usage of materials and objects to produce conceptual upsets in
the everyday and question familiar perceptions of our surroundings.

Test Flights has been funded by Arts Council England, and is being produced as part of an artist residency at the European Ceramic Work Centre (ECWC), Amsterdam.


You can preview the making of the work at ECWC in a short film here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhJ4-Je5pBI