Private View — Perfect Courses and Shimmering Obstacles

11 February 2010 By

Part of the Contemporary Art Society’s Centenary Programme Price’s point of departure for this display is Five Tyres remoulded, a series of prints by Richard Hamilton, given to Tate by the Contemporary Art Society in 1975. They are presented here alongside a selection of other works from Tate’s Collection, which were also acquired as gifts. Circles, spirals and loops lead the compositional and conceptual operation of each work presented.

Hamilton’s prints were inspired by his fascination with a technical diagram illustrating the chronological evolution of tyre technology. He started working from it in 1963, drawing by hand, but abandoned his work because he could not achieve the desired level of accuracy and finish. He began again with the emergence of computer-aided design, and finally completed the series in 1972.

2010 is the Contemporary Art Society’s centenary year. To celebrate, a Centenary Programme will take place in partnership with our 63 member museums and galleries across Britain.

At Tate, the Contemporary Art Society will invite three artists to create three different displays. Taking the works gifted by the Contemporary Art Society and Tate’s collection as a starting point, they will draw on works that extend their own practice and interests.
Elizabeth Price’s Perfect Courses and Glistening Obstacles is followed by a display devised by Yane Calovski in May and Turner Prize winner Richard Wright in September 2010.

Elizabeth Price will give a gallery talk in April, date to be circulated.

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