Studio Visits – Sarah Tulloch & Paula Adams

Paula Adams, Untitled, 2013, scratched polaroid and pencil, © the artist
Paula Adams, Untitled, 2013, scratched polaroid and pencil, © the artist

26 March 2014


North Member Programme, Studio Visit

The NewBridge Project
12 Newbridge Street West
Newcastle upon Tyne , NE1 8AW United Kingdom

Join us for studio visits with artists Sarah Tulloch and Paula Adams.

Sarah Tulloch makes collages, films and videos out of found images; mainly old photographs but also postcards, slides and film. She states: “I re-categorise them with a self-imposed logic forming patterns of my own. Then I cut, rip, fold, fuse, add, subtract and re-arrange. The start of a work is in the looking; I am searching for an experience of the image appearing as something separate from its context. Going into a charity shop I am looking for that first glimpse of this mysterious and unbidden effect. It’s a certain moment in looking described by John Stezaker as ‘the imaginary projection, …the sort of flight that can be found in images.’ I am always trying to follow that first movement of the imagination in my work.” For further information

Paula Adams is interested in the geometry and psychology of the built environment – the way architecture and objects can reflect the way we think; and the partial memories of ‘sight-seeing’ when travelling in both familiar and unfamiliar places. She uses a variety of media eg photography, drawing, sculpture, film. Often these are cut up, re-assembled, drawn onto, thus re-appropriating their original physical form and compositional structure and presenting a whole new set of visual interpretations.

Adams currently has a studio at the NewBridge Project in Newcastle. Exhibitions of work include Yukon Arts Centre, Canada; Hatton Gallery, Newcastle; Alexandra Palace, London and most recently the Contemporary Art Society North exhibition Multiple Choice – Contemporary Prints & Editions from Private Collections at Queen’s Hall Art Centre, Hexham. For more information


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