Studio Visits – Pavel Büchler & Ian Rawlinson

Pavel Büchler's studio, 2011. Photo courtesy the artist

19 January 2012


North Member Programme, Studio Visit

Unit 33
Wellington House, Pollard Street East
Manchester, M40 7FS


Join us for two studio visits in Manchester.

Pavel Büchler was born in Prague where he studied at the School of Graphic Arts and the Institute of Applied Arts in the 1970s. He came to the UK in 1981 and from 1992-96 was Head of Fine Art at the highly influential Glasgow School of Art before been appointed Research Professor in Art at Manchester Metropolitan University in 1997. Pavel’s practice encompasses a wide range of media including performance, installation, photography and books. Instead of making objects, he intervenes in the real world, manipulating found materials – objects, images, audio recordings, photographs and texts – to reveal the strangeness in everyday life. Some of his richest work is barely there, and indeed he describes his practice as “making nothing happen”.

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Ian Rawlinson has worked collaboratively with Nick Crowe since 1994 and they live and work in Manchester and Berlin. Their sculptural and video works address broader questions around faith, politics, national identity and the environment. The symbolic and transformative potential of fire, in particular, is something they have often returned to in their work. For example, for the film The Carrier’s Prayer everyday commercial plastic shopping bags were torn open and tied together to form ‘scally fireworks’. Set in an abandoned chapel these DIY fireworks could be interpreted as a congregation of ‘lost souls’ igniting and ascending to the heavens.

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