PROJECTS Preview: PROJECTS 02 – Verging on the Absurd

5 April 2013—28 June 2013

59 Central Street DISPLAYS

Contemporary Art Society
59 Central Street
London, EC1V 3AF

Exhibition Dates: 5 April – 28 June 2013

The Contemporary Art Society was delighted to introduce the second in our new series of displays showcasing our Artist Members and guest artists, Verging on the Absurd, curated by Elinor Morgan, freelance curator and ESP Programmer at Eastside Projects, Birmingham.

Examining the use of the absurd and surreal in contemporary art, the exhibition presents works by artists Suzanne Mooney, Pil & Galia Kollectiv, Francesco Pedraglio, Heather Phillipson and Samara Scott.  These artists make works that disrupt our understanding and perception of an object, image or text to give rise to new readings and associations, interfering with our desire to make sense of something and find completeness.  Each does this in a different way: by unsettling the viewer through the uncanny use of one material in the place of another, fracturing an image from its original context or making new combinations or juxtapositions of material and concept.

For plan and list of works click here (pdf)


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