PROJECT 05 Preview: Nicky Hirst, Penny Klepuszewska and Tom Lovelace

16 January 2014


59 Central Street PROJECTS

Contemporary Art Society
59 Central Street
London, EC1V 3AF

Free and open to all

PROJECTS is a series of exhibitions within the Contemporary Art Society space at 59 Central Street that transform and use the architecture of the building, drawing into focus questions around modes of display and the encounter between contemporary art and architecture. This display features artwork by Nicky Hirst, Penny Klepuszewska and Tom Lovelace, who all work with the photographic medium. These artists share a formal concern with space and the ways in which space can be used to effect a visual language. Addressing complexities around perception and dramatic potential, the display brings together bodies of works that suggest a number of possible narratives but deny the viewer any conclusive reading. Curated by Contemporary Art Society Membership Programmes Manager, Sarah Page.

Exhibition runs: 17 January – 28 March, 2014

This event is free and open to all. Please RSVP to


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