Economist Plaza Exhibition: Louis Nixon – Flag

14 September 2005—16 October 2005

Consultancy, Economist Plaza

The Economist Plaza
25 St James's Street
London, SW1A 1HG United Kingdom

British artist Louis Nixon launched the autumn programme of exhibitions on the plaza at the Economist’s headquarters at 25 St James’s Street, London SW1.

Nixon installed a 30ft flag-pole in the centre of the Plaza on top of which a projector projected a film piece on to the window of an adjacent building bordering the Plaza.

From his visits to Italy, Spain, East Germany, Poland, Serbia and South America, Nixon has collected global logos from the sides of lorries, shop hoardings, billboards, cigarette packets, soap bars, phone cards, newspaper kiosks, plastic bags, medicine and food packaging, petrol stations, international corporations and businesses. From these the artist has invented ten different global flags from reconfigurations of the original images. He has subsequently filmed each flag raised and blowing in the wind to create a continuously looped film projection of his series of invented flags of non-existent places and corporations.

Louis Nixon has had an extensive career exhibiting internationally including Century City at Tate Modern 2000, Crossings at the 10th Biennial of Visual Arts in Serbia during 2002 and Everywhere Nowhere at Atelier 25 Italy 2005. Louis is represented by Dispari & Dispari, Italy.


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