CPD Craft Day


7 June 2023


Studio Visit Bisili Noha EAST

Visit to exhibition of Bouke de Vries and Rochester Square

An acclaimed ceramicist Bouke de Vries’ work will respond to William Hogarth’s A Rake’s Progress. Starting with an immaculate celadon vase, de Vries treats the following seven increasingly deteriorating vases with a variety of restoration processes and glazes. Cracks appear in the surface, the vessels slump and implode – with obvious and drastic methods of repair failing to save the vase or Rake from their ultimate demise.


Rochester Square aims to bring people and communities together through ceramic facilities and socially-engaged projects. Emphasising the fascinating system of recycling clay: where after firing at a low temperature, the cups and pots are still so fragile that you can smash them on the ground after use and turn them back into the soil, which can then be used again to create new ceramic objects. This idea guides us in our approach to the development of activities at RS: a creative cycle from the earth (clay) to plants (garden) to plates (food).


Travel bursaries will be available please RSVP by the 24th May 2023 to info@contemporaryartsociety.org.


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