Contemporary Art Society tour (CASt) September 2011. Photo: Tom Horak.
Contemporary Art Society tour (CASt) September 2011. Photo: Tom Horak.

14 July 2012


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The Contemporary Art Society tour (CASt) is London’s original and most popular gallery bus tour, taking place throughout the year and offering an inspirational navigation of the city’s most exciting galleries. Designed to be convenient and affordable, the breadth of these tours is unrivalled making them perfect for every graduation of contemporary art collector and enthusiast. CASt is not to be missed. Lunch and transport are included.

We will be going to East London for this edition of CASt and paying particular attention to developments in contemporary sculpture. This trip will include visits to Gareth Jones and Babak Ghazi at Raven Row, The London Open at the Whitechapel Gallery, David Thorpe at Maureen Paley and Markus Karstiess at Ancient and Modern, among others.


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