CAS Consultancy Talk – Commemoration and Confrontation: Memorials as Political Acts

Agnes Denes, 'Wheatfield – A Confrontation', 1982
Agnes Denes, 'Wheatfield – A Confrontation', 1982

15 April 2021


Zoom Talk


A series of talks exploring the evolving role of art and culture in the public realm

In the second instalment of Culture Matters, CAS Consultancy brings together artists, historians, architects, producers and curators to discuss the political issue of memorials in contemporary public space.

Shared out door spaces are experiencing a renaissance of public interest, but the statuary contained within our parks, squares and plazas has come under deservedly intense scrutiny in the past year.

Who decides what goes on a plinth and for how long? What tactics can be employed to commemorate alternate histories? Representation of under-represented people and their stories will be considered alongside issues of temporality and ‘permanence’ in a 24/7 online world.

• Cany Ash, Ash Sakula Architects
• Jordan Kaplan, CAS Consultancy Producer (Chair)
• Thomas J Price, Artist
• Alice Procter, Historian

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