Artist Talk & Tour – Jamie Shovlin: Hiker Meat

16 January 2014


Artist Talk, North Member Programme

70 Oxford Street
Manchester, M1 5NH

Join artist Jamie Shovlin for an exclusive tour of his exhibition before it opens to the public.

Hiker Meat is an exploitation film that never actually existed. Both the film and its 1970s Italian director, Jesus Rinzoli, have been imagined by Shovlin to represent an archetype of the genre. Low budget exploitation movies boomed from the late 1960s to the early 1980s as their makers, intent on financial success, exploited popular trends and lurid subject matter including sex, sensational violence, gore, ‘freaks’ and drug use. Set in an American summer camp in the 1970s, Hiker Meat is both an affectionate homage to and an academic deconstruction of the exploitation genre. It includes a full complement of horror and slasher film standards; from a hitchhiking heroine with a troubled past to a charismatic commune leader, and a group of teenagers who disappear one by one.

Shovlin lives and works in London, UK. He received a MA from the Royal College of Art and a BA from Loughborough University School of Art & Design.


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