Mary Redmond

29 November 2011
Mary Redmond, Pick a Mango

Paisley Museum & Art Gallery

Paisley Art Gallery & Museum holds a nationally important collection of textiles, alongside a significant ceramic collection and large ‘fine’ art collection of historic and modern paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture. Recent additions have focused on art works that challenge the traditional dichotomy between ‘fine’ and ‘decorative’ art. The institution’s membership of the National Collecting Scheme for Scotland, initially administered through the Contemporary Art Society, has been integral to this development.

Mary Redmond graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1998. In 2009 Redmond won a Paul Hamlyn Foundation Artist Award which has provided invaluable support over three years. Redmond, working in the medium of sculpture, uses a mixture of found objects and raw materials which are altered, shaped, bent, bashed or painted and then meticulously worked and placed together.

For this commission Redmond suggested making a new work in direct response to their collection. The Museum allowed her full access and it was the beautiful and rarely-seen textile pattern books which inspired this work. Redmond’s repeated use of a single familiar element; the levered spoke of an umbrella, creates a fragile wave-like sculptural shape that refers to the Paisley motif which was originally drawn from a feather.


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