Mirjam Hiller

8 July 2015
Mirjam Hiller Brooch firassia (2009) Powder-coated stainless steel. Image ©Birmingham Museums Trust.

Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

Mirjam Hiller (b.1974, Stuttgart, Germany) is based in Potsdam, Germany. She has exhibited throughout Europe and in Australia, China, South Korea and the USA. Her works are in public collections such as mima, Middlesbrough; Newark Museum, New Jersey, USA; and also in the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, Germany. In her work she explores everyday life, architecture and nature. Her colourful brooches firassia and tipinea are abstract and elegant and recall cityscapes in their design, echoing existing works in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery’s Fine Art and Jewellery collections.

Mirjam Hiller’s work connects well with Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery’s modern and contemporary jewellery collection that dates from the 1970s and consists of work by a wide range of regional, national and international makers.

Presented by the Contemporary Art Society through the Omega Fund, 2015


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