Liz Johnson Artur

4 September 2019
Liz Johnson Artur, Top Shelf, 2018, C-Type, black-and-white fibre based paper, 111.2x 195.5 cm
Liz Johnson Artur, Top Shelf, 2018, C-Type, black-and-white fibre based paper, 111.2x 195.5 cm

Guildhall Art Gallery

Liz Johnson Artur is a Ghanaian-Russian photographer who has been working in London since the early 1990s. Her work has documented the lives of Black people from across the African Diaspora, with her recent photographs focusing on Black British communities in Peckham and Brixton, South London.

Top Shelf is a photographic installation comprising of 20 prints from Johnson Artur’s large and diverse oeuvre. Inspired by the Guildhall Art Gallery’s collection, Johnson Artur chose to window mount and frame the prints as one complete piece, creating a contemporary take on the 19th century salon hang of the Gallery’s permanent Victorian collection displays.

Top Shelf interweaves different diasporic narratives, highlighting family, love and friendships whilst also exploring the nuances of Blackness. Through her well-observed, tender and empathetic images, Johnson Artur not only documents the everyday lives of Black people, but also subtly draws attention to and challenges perceptions of Black communities in the popular imagination. Images of men with children confront the trope of the absent Black father, whilst the image of a man in drag on a night out raises the subject of being LGBTQI within the Black community.

Top Shelf speaks of the ordinary and everyday; it is a vivid portrait of what life is really like in parts of the capital. Whilst the people in the photographs are strangers, they seem familiar, and although Johnson Artur’s work exclusively documents Black communities, the photographs resonate with anyone who knows London.

The Guildhall Art Gallery recently changed its collecting policy, directing its focus to collecting art about London by artists who live and work in the capital. Top Shelf is the first work of Johnson Artur to enter a UK public collection. This acquisition also marks an important moment for the Gallery as she is the first female artist of dual heritage to be represented there.

Liz Johnson Artur (b. 1964, Sofia, Bulgaria) lives and works in London. Recent solo exhibitions include Brooklyn Museum, New York (2019). Recent group exhibitions include Serpentine Gallery, London (2019); 10th Berlin Biennial; David Nolan Gallery, New York (both 2018); Kunstverein Leipzig (2016). Her monograph with Bierke Verlag was included in the ‘Best Photo Books 2016’ list of the New York Times Magazine.

Presented by the Contemporary Art Society with support of the City of London Corporation, 2018/19



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