Fenella Elms

8 July 2015
Fenella Elms Large flow pot (2014) Porcelain, clay 50 x 50cm (approximately).  © the artist, courtesy the artist .

Swindon Museum and Art Gallery

Fenella Elms (b.1964, Münster, Germany) is a contemporary ceramists based near Swindon who is inspired by natural forms, rhythm and motion. Her work was recently presented at galleries including Contemporary Applied Arts, London (2014); Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool (2015); and Collect, Saatchi Gallery (2015). In her previous career, Elms worked in mental and occupational health. Dreams, instinct and the subconscious continue to influence her practice.

For their Omega Fund acquisition Swindon Museum and Art Gallery identified Fenella Elms and Grant Aston as two contemporary ceramists who would diversify and energise their collection of twentieth- and twenty-firstcentury studio ceramics. Elms work is of special interest to Swindon Museum and Art Gallery as she studied ceramics at Swindon College and was taught using many of the ceramics now in the museum’s collection. For her Large flow pot Elms used beads in white and cobalt as a reference to traditional cobalt decorated pots. The craftsmanship, scale and traditional references of Elm’s practice complement Swindon Museum and Art Gallery’s existing craft collection while demonstrating important trends in contemporary ceramics.

Presented by the Contemporary Art Society through the Omega Fund, 2015


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