David Landess

8 July 2015
David Landess W:HOLE Chair (1998) Cherry wood H: 82cm. © the artist Photo: Doug Atfield.

The Shipley Art Gallery

The Contemporary Art Society continues to gift the remaining works from Eric and Jean Cass. All works have been gratefully received by the participating museums and galleries, and so far the Eric and Jean Cass gift has dispersed 135 works to over 20 public museums and galleries.

The Shipley Art Gallery is known for being the North East’s leading gallery for design and contemporary craft and houses one of the UK’s most important and largest collections of contemporary craft. In its craft collection the Shipley has the UK’s most comprehensive collection of Sowerby’s and Davidson’s glassware and its Fine Art collection is recognised as having one of the UK’s finest collections of Dutch and Flemish sixteenthand seventeenth-century paintings.

The Shipley Art Gallery’s craft collection focuses on craft by British makers who demonstrate innovation, experimentation and technical excellence, so they were pleased to accept the gift of David Landess W:HOLE Chair (1998) through the Eric and Jean Cass gift.

W:HOLE Chair is made from hundreds of blocks of cherry wood cut to different sizes. The brick form, known for being one of the oldest building components, appealed to Landess, who was bought up among the industrial landscape of 1970s Middlesbrough and initially worked in heavy industry before becoming an artist. His inventiveness and experimentation can be seen through the way the work is constructed. Made on its side in a loop formation and turned upright when completed.

Donated by Eric and Jean Cass through the Contemporary Art Society, 2014


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