Claire Barclay

11 September 2013
Perching Two

Touchstones Rochdale

Purchased with the support of The Art Fund by the Contemporary Art Society for Touchstones Rochdale. The Touchstones Rochdale collection includes a range of work from 16th and 17th Century Northern European artists to a substantial collection of Victorian genre and landscape painting and Modern work by Vanessa Bell and local artists such as Benjamin C. Brierley, John Collier and Charles Donald Taylor.
Claire Barclay’s installation Perching Two was acquired with the support of The Art Fund and has links to other artists whose work is represented in Touchstones Rochdale’s collection who adopt craft and sculptural elements in their practice, such as Alison Britton, Taslim Martin, Cornelia Parker and Nicholas Pope. The core of Barclay’s practice is materiality and making, fuelled by a desire to physically engage with the properties of those materials she works with. Whilst some objects in her work appear to be ready-mades, in fact everything is either made directly by Barclay herself or in close liaison with a fabricator to her exact specification. Valuing the hand-made, Barclay often learns new skills such as throwing ceramics, turning or weaving to realise her installations. The two prints by Claire Barclay build on Touchstones Rochdale’s existing print collection. They are made in an intuitive way without a design, in the same way Barclay makes her sculptural works, working spontaneously from images made using cut paper shapes.


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