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Study Day: Portals, Art and Spirituality (9 May 11:00 - 16:00)

Date: Thursday, 9 May

Time: -

L'atmosphere, Meteorologie Populaire

L'atmosphere, Meteorologie Populaire by Camille Flammarion, 1888

We will explore the growing interest in spiritualism within artistic, curatorial, and museological research and practice. Whether as themes of investigation, modes of representation, or research methodologies, there is an increasing emphasis on esotericism, divination, magic, witchcraft, the occult, and other pagan belief systems in the global contemporary art discourse. Key participants, such as Professor Lisa Blackman, curator and author Stephen Ellcock, writer and author Jennifer Higgie, and writer, art critic and curator Michael Bracewell alongside a collaboration between artist Sammy Lee and curator Sarah Shin, will gather to discern, interrogate, and interpret the various meanings, implications and consequences as well as opportunities that the portal between art and spirituality may be able to generate.