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Portraiture: Curators’ Gallery Tour in London


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Sin Wai Kin, Wai King, 2023

Sin Wai Kin, Wai King, 2023. Single-channel video, 4K, colour 10 minutes 2 seconds. Courtesy of the artist and Soft Opening, London. Photography Mark Blower.

Museum Members are invited to join the CAS for a day of art focused on the theme and genre of portraiture. During this dedicated day, we will identify and explore different curatorial and artistic approaches, methods, and embodiments of one of the most longstanding art forms in art history. The itinerary includes visits to various art spaces across the capital, both commercial galleries and non-profit institutions, as well as art in the public domain and an artist's studio. Through these series of encounters, we will experience the psychological depth and affective complexity of portraiture as a form of artistic representation whilst witnessing its enduring relevance in contemporary visual culture.


We will begin the day in South London, where we will access Mike Silva’s studio and gain a special insight into his melancholic portraits, poetically drawn from personal memories. Thereafter, we will meet Jessica Vaughan (Senior Curator from Art on the Underground), who will introduce the group to the new commission at Brixton Station by Jem Perucchini, who captures human figures as archetypes of potentialities of future societies. After lunch, we will then travel to the East End to see Sin Wai Kin’s enchanting slow videos at Soft Opening, employing storytelling and narrative fantasy as strategies for queering portraits of desire. The Final stop includes Autograph ABP, where curator Vindi Bora will guide the group through Hélène Amouzou's spectral and intimate self-portraits, capturing an experience of exile and displacement. 

Please RSVP by filling in the travel bursaries application form in this link.



Morning 10:50 am – Meet in front of Mike Silva Studio

11 am-12 pm – Mike Silva Studio Visit

12:15-12:45 pm – Meet Jessica Vaughan, Senior Curator from Art on the Underground, to talk about the new commission at Brixton Station by Jem Perucchini


1-2pm Lunch at Brixton Market



We take the tube (35 min) 3-3:45 pm: Autograph. ‘Voyages’ by Hélène Amouzou

Bus 55 or 26 (12 min) 4-5 pm: Soft Opening. ‘Portraits’ by Sin Wai Kin