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St George's Gallery, London





Art Gallery / Dealer / Auction House (Seller)


St George's Gallery was originally at 32A George Street, Hanover Square, London with Arthur Rowland Howell (1881-1956) as its Director and Miss Lilian Harmston, the Secretary (and later executor for Howell) until the Austrian-Jewish female art dealer Lea Bondi Jaray (1880-1969) took it over with Otto Brill in 1943 after her husband the sculptor Alexander Sándor Járay (1870–1943) died. Howell had shown artists such as Frances Hodgkins and David Jones but it soon became a centre for emigrés, including employing Erica Brausen (1908-1992) and Harry Fischer (1903-1977) who later became well-known dealers in their own right.  The Turkish abstract artist, Fahrelnissa Zeid, whose second husband, Prince Zeid Al-Hussein became the first Ambassador of the Kingdom of Iraq to the Court of St James's, in London, held an exhbition at St George's Gallery in 1948 which was visited by Queen Elizabeth II.

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