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WP416 (2020)

© Rana Begum, Courtesy of the artist and Kate MacGarry, London Photo credit: Angus Mill



Drawing and Watercolour




45 x 70 cm


Presented by the Contemporary Art Society, 2021/22

Ownership history:

Purchased from Kate MacGarry, London by the Contemporary Art Society, December 2021; presented to UH Arts, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, 2021/22
The Contemporary Art Society has supported the acquisition of 3 pieces by Rana Begum RA for the UH Arts + Culture, at the University of Hertfordshire. Begum’s work focuses on the interplay between light and colour, blurring the boundaries between sculpture, painting and architecture. Her use of repetitive geometric patterns – found both within Islamic art and the industrial cityscape – takes its inspiration from childhood memories of the rhythmic repetition of daily recitals of the Qur’an. Begum’s work ranges from drawings, paintings, films, wall-based sculptures to large-scale public art projects. Begum explores the infinite possibilities of geometry in her works. The acquired prints display the prevalent process of repetition through geometric forms and colours. Repetition, for the artist, retains an element of ritual. Begum weaves a western-influenced minimalist approach with a search for the divine and the unknown steeped in Islamic tradition.

The University of Hertfordshire (UH), chose to acquire these three prints WP414, WP415 and WP416 by Begum to celebrate the success of an alumna of the University within the field of contemporary art. Begum studied her foundation course at UH, which she has said had a pivotal impact on her in opening up ideas and disciplines to her. Additionally Begum lived in St Albans from the age of 8 having moved there from Bangladesh with her family. The year 2025 will see the 150th anniversary of St Albans Art School – which became the School of Creative Arts at UH, and to mark this anniversary St Albans Museum and Gallery aspire to partner with Begum for a solo project. St Albans is also the site of UH Arts + Culture’s partner institution St Albans Museum + Gallery and we aspire to collaborating with Rana Begum on a solo project in her former home city, to coincide with this significant anniversary.

The University’s Art Collection is exhibited across its campuses rather than within a dedicated museum space, and Begum’s striking drawings will enhance the university environment by introducing contemporary art in places where people study, work and visit. The Collection works offer fresh subjects and alternative perspectives that invite our community to think and question beyond their chosen disciplines.

All rights reserved. Any further use will need to be cleared with the rights holder. Permission granted to reproduce for personal and educational use only. Commercial copying, hiring, lending is prohibited. The collection that owns this artwork may have more information on their own website about permitted uses and image licensing options.

For further information, please consult our section of our copyright policy.

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