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Untitled, A (from the series Slide Re-enactment) (2017)

Helen Cammock

hand-pulled screenprint

Reading Museum

Untitled, A (from the series Slide Re-enactment) (2017)

© Helen Cammock. Photo credit: Reading Museum.







100 x 70 cm


Presented by the Contemporary Art Society, 2017/18

Ownership history:

Purchased from the artist by the Contemporary Art Society, 8 February 2018; presented to Reading Museum & Town Hall, 2018


Reading Museum
Informed by a research-driven approach to making art, Helen Cammock’s work reflects her English/Jamaican background and her experience of inequality and underrepresentation among the people she met as a social worker before becoming an artist. She collages material from found sources into beautiful works, which gently question the hierarchical nature of the histories that we are told and champion histories that usually remain untold.

Shouting in Whispers is a group of five large screenprints. Intense colours, hand-mixed by the artist, create rich surfaces that are broken by the interjection of simple texts – questions and statements quoted from philosophers and activists, historic and contemporary, as well as friends of the artist.

Slide Re-enactment is a set of three pale screen prints that quietly deliver a punch. Each print is a collage of found images. One of Barak Obama sits beside another of Theresa May. The third is of Shirley Chisholm, the extraordinary activist who was both the first Black American and the first woman to run for a major party presidential nomination in the US in 1972. The addition of enigmatic dictionary definitions turns these apparently political posters into poetry.

Reading Museum has re-joined the Contemporary Art Society with the support of Reading Foundation for Art. This is at a time when the town is changing rapidly and the museum is actively collecting art that reflects the concerns and interests of its increasingly diverse population.

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