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Notations for a Reigne of Venus's Flower Basket (1980)

Jozefa Rogocki

mixed media of feathers, gauze and postcards

Victoria & Albert Museum, Prints, Drawings and Paintings Collection, London


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Mixed media, Collage


Feather, Postcard, Gauze

Physical Object Description:

Inscribed with a verse - Notation for a Reigen, Part the First:

To flash from the flame to the flame, then tower from the grace to the grace.

Part Second: I am soft sift. In an hourglass- at the wall
Fast, but mined with a motion, a drift, And it crowds and it combs to the
I am steady as a water in a well, to a poise, to a pane.

Part the Third: Step One, Step Two, Step Three, A Round Dame.


114.2 x 55.7 cm

Accession Number:



Presented by the Contemporary Art Society, 1982

Ownership history:

Purchased from the Acme Gallery, London by Carol Hogben (1925-2016) for the Contemporary Art Society, 7 October 1980; presented to Victoria & Albert Museum, Prints, Drawings and Paintings Collection, 1982

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