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Cumberland Landscape (1928)

Christopher Wood

oil on plywood

Manchester Art Gallery

Cumberland Landscape (1928)





Oil, Plywood, Pencil

Physical Object Description:

A stylised landscape view across the Cumberland hills. The sky is overcast, over white mountains in the background. There is a cluster of small white houses in the middle distance to the left. The horizon itself dips down to the right, whilst a grey mountain rises on the left. The colours in the foreground are predominantly green, the forest and marsh area in the middleground are browns. The brush stokes are noticeably large.


50.8 x 60.8 cm

Accession Number:



Presented by the Contemporary Art Society, 1933



Ownership history:

Gifted by Sir Edward Marsh (1872-1953) to the Contemporary Art Society, 1928; presented to Manchester Art Gallery (Rutherston Collection), 1933

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