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CAS *Consultancy: Cherwell’s ‘World of Work’ Day

CAS Cherwell’s ‘World of Work’ day

Contemporary Art Society *Consultancy has been working with the design team at Oxford North since 2022. We’ve devised an ambitious public art scheme for this new innovation district and are now in the first stages of the commissioning process. Over the next year, world-class artists will be delivering groundbreaking programmes and sculptural responses to the site. Part of this work involves the communities who live and work in the area. From Oxford dons to citizen scientists, the public art programme at Oxford North seeks to connect on a meaningful level through engagement activities of all stripes.

In March 2024, Jordan Kaplan, CAS *Consultancy Senior Art Producer, spent the day with Cherwell Sixth Form students, to talk about what art means to them and why choosing a career in the cultural industries can make sense. Students worked with Jordan in the development of an Artist Brief for their school, deciding what was important and how they could find money and materials to make artworks that held meaning for the student body.

Two Cherwell Six Formers sit on the Oxford North Public Art panel and are able to make decisions alongside very senior figures within the development. We think this is important – the young people who inherit a site should have a say in how its cultural life is shaped.

Jordan Kaplan
Senior Art Producer